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List of Local Academy Committee Members


Type of Member

Appointment Date

Mr D Morgan, Chair of Governors LAC Member


Mrs C Barber, Vice-Chair LAC Member 01/11/2017
Rev B Durose LAC Member 01/11/2017
Rev V Flanagan LAC Member 01/11/2017
Mr G Hutton LAC Member 01/11/2017
Dr R Patel LAC Member 01/11/2017
Mrs U Shah Parent Member 27/03/2018
Vacancy Parent Member  
Mrs A McKie Staff (Teaching) 01/11/2017
Mrs L Willis, Head of School Ex Officio (Principle) 01/11/2017
Mrs S Wedgwood Trust Representative 01/11/2017

Governors who have held office in the last 12 months

Rev L Sui was a foundation governor from 22nd November 2016 .  He  stepped down as of 25th March 2018 .

Mrs V Bond was a parent governor who held office from 20th April 2016 until 13th June 2017.  

Mrs H Luby was a parent governor from 23rd October 2015.  She finished on 1st June 2018.

We thank all of these governors for their hard work and support.

Governors Business Interests

Governors are obliged to declare any business interests they have in school.  Please view the document below showing details of this information.

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