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Lockdown Learning

Parents, it is never too late to consider a change of career or even to further your own education. During lockdown, as well as teaching pupils from home, I have also undertaken various free training opportunities from the Open University, Yale University and more recently Stoke College. I have included some web links for you, as well as a website with very useful activities and information. This link will provide a little extra help at this time. https://royalsociety.org/topics-policy/education-skills/teacher-resources-and-opportunities/resources-for-teachers/resources-why-science-is-for-me/

Mrs M, Career Lead.

Miss Burgess has undertaken a course to improve her IT skills here. Mrs M has used icould, FutureLearn, coursera and the Open University has a huge array of courses of all different types you can access here. Mrs Nutter has found this course extremely helpful!



Careers Week Events 2021

This year we have been linking our exploration of careers with our curriculum and engaging in some interesting online events for those at school and home-learning.

World Book Day

Through  Scholastic, Year 5 and Year 6 signed up for live sessions with authors giving advice on how to be an author and write in different genres. Sessions included Simon James Green-writing comedy; write like a wizard with Kimberley Pauley; how to make everyone laugh with Helen Rutter; fantasy-world building with Vashti Hardy and riddles and mysteries with Lisa Thompson. What a great insight into what being an author involves through engaging live interaction and fun activities.


Manchester Camerata

This time an opportunity for us Y6 to be composers! Manchester Camerata are working with Entrust Music Service and schools in Staffordshire to write new songs based on the popular Roald Dahl story 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. This year's project culmination will be an album which will feature Manchester Camerata orchestra and singers performing our pupils’ very own songs! We jumped at the chance to take part and were given Chapter 2 to base our song on. We started by making sure that we knew what events happened in the Chapter- it is George’s plan for Grandma’s medicine. Through lots of word play/word association/ alliteration etc we finally came up with some crazy sentences. Mrs Chubb-Music Lead- provided us with some fabulous video tutorials which helped us through the process. The sentences were then assembled into some verses, a chorus and a middle eight.

The next phase of the process was to watch the Camerata in action. We heard from Anna (composer), Andy (pianist), Naomi (French horn), Andrea (percussion), Gemma (violin) and Ben (bassoon). The pupils then had to decide what kind of sound they wanted their verse to have and what instruments they would like to perform it so for example-pop, rock, jazz etc. Is there a particular effect that they want to include?

We are excited to hear our work performed later in the year and will share with you when we can.

Careers Kids Event

Career Kids,

Well, what a fantastic day we had on Tuesday 3rd March when Nuria from Career Kids came to our school. We were able to organise the activity due to an OA grant from the Primary Careers Project that we are part of with Kelly Meir.

Nuria had coordinated four different Business Ambassadors, who provided a carousel of activities for Year 5 and 6 throughout the day. The ambassadors were WJ Markings, ATG (Ambassador Theatre Group), PDSA and The Ministry of Justice.

We chose Career Kids as they really impressed us with their ‘sales pitch’ at the Career's meeting earlier in the year. The organisation was superb, and all excellently communicated. Career Kids and the ambassadors clearly share our school’s vision.

iSPARKLE skills were really put to the test through practical, engaging and informative sessions. Every ambassador was blown away by our pupil’s manners, behaviour and enthusiasm.

What an amazing way to make links with local businesses and provide our pupils with meaningful experiences!




On 28th January 2020, the children visited Kidzania as part of the Careers Curriculum, you can read more about this below.

Local Democracy Week

On Tuesday the 15th of October 2019 there was an event held at the King’s Hall in Stoke for Local Democracy Week. We talked to some councillors and the Lord Mayor about what local democracy means. We also got to have a photo with the Lord Mayor.

After we talked about what democracy is we had to come up with ideas to make walking to school more safe and fun: coming on a bike, putting lollipop people and crossings on roads by the school, coming on scooters, not parking right next to the school.

Before we had a tour we voted for how we wanted free sports activities to be advertised (For school). The options were school newsletter, poster, phone message or email. The one that won was a poster. After we voted we went on a tour around the King’s Hall. First, we went to the ornaments for a quiz such as 2 Red Indians, George and the dragon (Saint George).

We went into a room where we had a debate about one-way streets in front of schools. Personally I think we shouldn’t have one-way streets in front of the school because if people park on both sides of the road then cars wouldn’t be able to get through and there will be loads of traffic.

By Logan Adams Y6

Careers Ambassadors

Thistley Hough Careers Day

Thistley Hough Academy https://www.thistleyhoughacademy.org.uk/  is one of our local high schools and Mrs Mikalauskas- Careers Lead- was delighted to receive an invitation from them to attend their Year 10 Careers Day. Mrs Greenhalgh, their Careers Advisor, invited Mrs M up to sit in on some of the sessions and view their new Careers Hub. It was great to see so many past pupils as well- especially Sibga Amin who was one of the guest speakers! Well done Sibga, Stoke Minster is very proud of you! We look forward to working with Thistley Hough again in the future.


North Staffs Engineering Group

As part of our careers development in school, we are excited to be working alongside NSEG. Recently, Mrs Mikalauskas had a very productive meeting with Zoe Lovatt (Apprenticeship / External Partnerships Coordinator). NSEG are based in Hanley and we are aiming to take our Careers Ambassadors for a visit to their control centre in the New Year as well as welcoming apprentices into school to talk to pupils about their career paths.

Young Engineers

Year 6 are taking part in the Primary Engineer Award during 2019-2020. The award challenges Primary and Secondary pupils to research engineering and interviewing inspiring engineers. It is a great opportunity to engage with real engineers that we already know-parents/carers/family members as well as participating in video conferences with engineers from all fields. So far we have video conferenced with Richard Browning- C.E.O of Gravity Industries https://gravity.co/ , Ryan Duff- Network Rail and Dawn Childs- Chief Engineer for Merlin Entertainment world-wide.

This is a fantastic opportunity to engage our pupils with real engineers who will convey the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and maths (STEM) in their daily lives. To complete the award, pupils will let their creativity run free and draw or write to answer the question, ‘If you were an engineer what would you do?’ This links very closely with Science

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