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Science Week

Space week was officially launched to the whole school on Friday 4th October, with an inspiring NASA video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAuxvVBMykI.  Already there was great excitement from teachers and pupils alike for the following week’s events. Parents were then engaged too, through a menu of whole-school homework challenges.

Monday through to Friday saw a flood of exciting projects arrive: numerous decorated space-themed cakes and biscuits as well as alien masks, orreries and rockets. Every class also participated in cross-curricular Space lessons from Science and Art, through to Computing and Literacy.

Pupil feedback showed that Space Week had a huge impact on pupils in terms of new learning across many curriculum areas, engagement, aspiration and without a doubt was great fun!

Primary Engineers Programme

Year 6 are taking part in the Primary Engineer Award during 2019-2020. The award challenges Primary and Secondary pupils to research engineering and interviewing inspiring engineers. It is a great opportunity to engage with real engineers that we already know-parents/carers/family members as well as participating in video conferences with engineers from all fields. So far we have video conferenced with Richard Browning- C.E.O of Gravity Industries https://gravity.co/ , Ryan Duff- Network Rail and Dawn Childs- Chief Engineer for Merlin Entertainment world-wide.

This is a fantastic opportunity to engage our pupils with real engineers who will convey the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and maths (STEM) in their daily lives. To complete the award, pupils will let their creativity run free and draw or write to answer the question, ‘If you were an engineer what would you do?’

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