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Year 6

Mrs Mikalauskas & Mrs Burgess with Mrs Nutter, Mrs Guest and Mrs Dean

Welcome to Year 6! We have a super exciting year planned you can follow all of these events on this page.

'Don't get stressed, just do your best!'


Things to remember....

Back to school                                    6th January 2020

SATS Meetings 3.30 pm/5.30 pm 22nd January 2020

KidZania Trip                                    28th January 2020

Safe & Sound Visit                           7th February 2020

Money Sense Visit                         25th February 2020

Parents Evening (3.30-5.30 pm)  26th February 2020

Parents Evening  (5-7 pm)            27th February 2020

SATS                                                  11-14th May 2020


Things to remember....

Could all children please have a water bottle with their name on to ensure they are hydrated all day.

PE kit should be kept in school at all times. Can children make sure they are not wearing jewellery or earrings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and their hair needs to be tied up.



World Book Day

What an amazing array of costumes! Our World Book Day went very well! Year 6 themed our day around our current topic of Houdini and magic. Mrs M showed the children some tricks to read minds and children had to crack the mathematical codes in order to unlock the padlocks and beat the escape room. The children really enjoyed this and some took codes home to keep work on to try the next day.

 Advanced issues found

Drugs Education

Liz and Liz from Children and Young People's Services - Public Health, came to run some workshops with us about our self-image plus decision-making. We also talked about what drugs are, and we sorted them into legal and illegal. We learned a lot about keeping ourselves safe and making wise decisions!

Money Sense

Kim from Natwest bank came into school to discuss Identity Fraud, the children had to follow the clues to work out how a victims identity was stolen so they can be careful in future.

Thistley Hough STEM

Thanks so much for the effort you made on the World Book Day costumes! They looked absolutely amazing and we had such a huge range of characters from Horrid Henry, Harry Potter and even our very own Medusa! The children were superb as always and took great pleasure in finding out all about Phillip Pullman and His Dark Materials.

Science with biscuits....

Y6 were testing the durability of biscuits in liquid today. Groups had 5 different types of biscuits and decided how they were going to make a fair test to work out the true robust hero of the biscuit world!

Maths Mastery

Some children were selected to go to a Maths Mastery event at Thistley Hough, competing against other schools with some hardcore maths! We came 2nd! Well done guys!

Boy's Reading Club

Some boys were selected to join a reading club with Mr Barber. The book which was chosen was Mortal Engines and the group met on a weekly basis to discuss the book and they also did some art based on what images were conjured up in their minds.

SATs Revision

The children have all received revision guides now. They have both English and Maths books. The children will be given homework tasks as well as working on these in class so it is very important these are in school at all times.


Even though the children are in year 6 they need to continue to read daily at home. Our policy is that children are to read at least three times per week at home. Their diaries need to be signed by an adult or older sibling, there is a reading paper for the SATs so this will help them develop skills required.

Anti-smoking Workshop

On Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th December, Dr Hussain from Trent Vale Medical Practice, came to Stoke Minster to talk about the dangers of smoking with Year 5 and 6. She was absolutely fantastic and delivered an insightful presentation, talking about peer pressure as well as the health risks associated with smoking and vaping. Dr Hussain is committed to educating the young people in our area for a healthy future.

Stanley Head

Our residential visit to Stanley Head was a blast! We sent lots of updates to arents over Class Dojo so we hoped you enjoyed seeing your little darlings enjoying the great outdoors! All your children developed their independence and learned some responsibility in preparation for high school. Some children felt a little apprehensive about staying away from parents, quite often for the first time, but rest assured the busy week kept them thoroughly occupied so they were too busy to worry! The children took part in lots of super exciting activities like axe throwing, crate stacking, an expedition to Deep Hayes, climbing and many more. I'm sure they've filled you in!

Stanley Head Week in school...

The children who weren't able to attend stayed back at school and enjoyed the company of Mrs Nutter. In order to give the children a taste of what Stanley Head does the children also participated in some different activities taking part in a Healthy Lifestyle week. They looked at diet, exercise, mindfulness and life skills. They learned more about keeping our bodies and minds healthy. It is really important to instil this knowledge and understanding in children early in order for them to develop healthy habits. The children also took part in some life skills activities including learning how to make sandwiches, put on a duvet cover (not all adults have mastered this) and wrapping a simple gift. The children also echoed what the Stanley Head children did and took part in an orienteering activity. They had a plan of the school and some pictures and had to locate where these were and mark it on the map.

RAF Cosford

On Monday 14th October the children visited RAF Cosford as part of a fact-finding mission in preparation for our unit on World War 1. The children made rocket cars and we had some competitions to see whose car was the most aerodynamic and went the furthest across the hangar! We also went on a simulator which took us into the experience of being a Red Arrow, there were some screams of excitement - a couple of the staff are still waiting for their hearing to return. RAF Cosford is a fantastic day out and the children have already done some writing about what they enjoyed and why people should go - ask them.


The children have been learning about how to draw human bodies as well as how to draw them in motion and have created some fantastic pieces of very colourful art based on the futurist movement.


Space Week

In celebration of Space week, the children have been using their investigative skills to explore life as an astronaut and why certain materials are more effective for spacesuits than others. This is super important as we don't want our amazing astronauts getting cooked in space by UV rays from the Sun!

Local Democracy Week.

As part of Local Democracy Week, some of our children visited the King's Hall in Stoke. One of our children has written a summary of this which you can read below.

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