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Welcome to Nursery's page. We will update as often as we can with all the lovely things we do in our Nursery during this year! Our email address is nursery@stokeminsterprimary.org.uk

Please check our Spread the Happiness page! 


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Meet the Staff


Mrs Dance - Foundation Stage Leader, Teriffic Tigers' Key Worker

Mrs Walker - Excellent Elephants' Key Worker

Mrs Podmore - Marvellous Monkeys' Key Worker

Mrs Turner - Clever Crocodiles' Key Worker


Our times are 9am to 3pm. In a morning we will open the doors at 8:55am to allow the children to enter in smaller numbers.


Nursery Rhymes

Our topic this term is Nursery Rhymes. Why are Nursery Rhymes important?  http://www.kbyutv.org/kidsandfamily/readytolearn/file.axdfile=2011/3/2+Rhymers+are+Readers-Why+Important.pdf

  • How many Nursery Rhymes do you know?
  • Which is your favourite Nursery Rhyme?
  • Can you sing it?

Maths on the Mat

This week we got to meet Mr Muddles! He is going to help us everyday with our counting, sometimes we have to help him as he get's a little muddled up! 



On a Friday morning is our special worship time. We sit quielty for a Bible story or a moral story. It's a time for thinking and also celebrating. 

Meet Ted

Ted is our class bear who loves going on adventures with his classmates.

I wonder where he will go?


Care and Share books

Care and share books are a lovely way for us to communicate with our families. We love reading all the lovely things you write in them, letting us know all about your out of school adventures!

The books will come home on Friday, please remember to try and bring your books back Mon/Tue as this will give staff chance to read and discuss with the children.

Autumn Term 1

Week 1

The children have settled in really well and already we have had lots of fum. Our topic this term is Nursery Rhymes.


Week 2

We welcomed some more of our families this week.

Our nursery rhyme this week has been Incy Wincy Spider. We have been singing and dancing to the Purple People Eater! We have done dough disco and squiggle while you wiggle, both of these activities are to help children's gross motor skills. We can't wait for next week's exciting activities!


We have continued to do our work on Incy Wincy Spider, we built some spouts with blocks and put the spiders on them and then poured water on them to wash out just like the rhyme. We started to learn a song about the rain, we danced in the rain by making our with watering cans as there was no real rain! We also got to play in the mud kitchen!


26th September 2017

The children loved KeyStrings coming into school and teaching them all about the different string instruments! Some of us even got to have a little go! We had lots of fun dancing, singing and clapping along. 


Friday 29th September

As part of International Day of Languages, we held a Spanish themed day at school. The children all came dressed in red any yellow and we had some Spanish themed activities. We were very lucky to have a lady come in and teach us some Spanish dancing!


Week 4

This week we have been playing some listening games.We had to listen to a musical instrument and try to find one which made the same sound, we needed to be very quiet to hear the sound. We started to learn about shapes and we made a shape person. Our nursery rhyme this week was Twinkle, Twinkle little star and we made a lovely sparkly star to hang over our nursery rhyme land reading area. We have also been learning some POP UK songs.



Week 5

The weeks have flown by and we are already at Half Term! This week's nursery rhyme has been I'm a little teapot. Also we have sang and acted out lots of nursery rhymes. We have continued to play 'stop and listen' games and also ring games. 


Autumn Term 2

Week 1

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely half term holiday. This week we have been singing all the nursery rhymes we have been learning over the last tem and even startedour Christmas Nativity songs! 

This week we put some animals into water and froze them, the chidren had to smash the ice to find out what animal was hiding inside! They all had lots of fun. smiley

We have also played lots of ring games like 'Hokey Cokey' and 'Farmer in his den'.

Our literacy sessions this week have been playing a game called 'What's in the box toda?'. The children take an object from the box and tell everyone what it is. The chidren are then asked a variety of questions relating to the item. This is a great little game to encourage them to talk. Maybe you could try it at home?


Week 2

The weeks see to fly by and as Christmas approaches it gets even busier. This week we have been making bonfires, rockets, firework pictures and poppies. We have been listening to the sounds in words and focussed on the 'ssssss' sound. We looked at lots of objects that began with that sound. You might ask your child if they can remember any of them. 

Our Christmas songs are coming along nicely. The dates are Wednesday 6th December at 2pm and Thursday 7th at 10am. Have some fun this weekend and let us know what you did. Have a look at our Spread the Happiness page.


Week 3

We had a story focus this week which was 'Little Red Hen.' We read the story several times and joined in with some of the repetitive words and phrases which the children enjoyed. We talked about the story-how the hen had asked her friends to help her at every stage of making the bread and they refused but wanted to help her eat it! They agreed that her friends didn't deserve to eat it as they didn't want to help her. 

We have talked about the 's' sound and introduced the 'a' sound. We looked at items that begin with those sounds. Can you find things at home that begin with 's' and 'a'? If you like you could send us a selfie of an object beginning with 's' and 'a'. 

We have continued to learn our Christmas songs- maybe the children are singing them to you at home? We have continued to do lots of counting and would like you to encourage your child to do some counting at home too.

Week 4

This week we looked at objects that begin with 't' sound. Later in the week I mixed all the 's', 'a' and 't' objects up and the children helped to sort them out into the right sound bag. We made some lovely sparkly spiral snakes.

In our maths activities we matched socks, threaded beads, joined elephants in a pattern, matched bears and counted strawberries in a lovely game. 

Thank you to all those who sent selfies to us-please keep sending them, it's great fun for the class to look at them all on the big screen. Maybe you could take a selfie if you visit Santa, go to a Christmas market or by your Christmas tree if you've put it up already.

Week 5

This week we looked at objects that begin with 'p' sound. 

We have been learning about 'positional language' in our maths lessons so we understand on, under, next to, behind, in front and in.

Thank you again for all the selfies.

We have been practising our Nativity this week so we hope you will enjoy it when you come to watch it next week. We are all very excited.

Week 6

We have revised the sounds we have already done and watched Geraldine the Giraffe introducing those letters.


We decorated the classroom with a lovely Christmas tree and lots of sparkly lights. We have made Santa sacks, Christmas cards, Christmas trees and stained glass windows,

We have been so busy with our Nativity this week. We hope you enjoyed it. We are so proud of all the children.

Week 7

We had lots of fun last week making party hats, place mats and calendars. Going to the cinema was so very exciting. The children really enjoyed it and the were very well behaved. Santa Claus came to the cinema and gave everyone a goody box. Our Christmas dinner was on Friday and we all wore our party hats. Thank you to all those people who joined us for cookies, milk and a Christmas story on Friday. Our party on Monday was so exciting too, especially when Santa came and gave us all a present.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Spring Term 1

Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas. The children have enjoyed telling us all about it. Our new topic this term is Fairy Rales. We are looking forward to making castles, dressing up as Princes, Princesses, Knights, Kings and Queens and listening to lots of exciting stories.

Week 2

This week we have started our new topic, Fairy Tales and our first story as been Sleeping Beauty.

We have listened to the story a few times, retold the story together using picture cards, sang our new Sleeping Beauty song and painted some characters from the story. We have been able to dress up as princesses, princes and fairies and act done of the story out with our friends. 

We have continued to learn about letter sounds, this week we found things beginning with I and m. Keep sending in your selfies, you can see some of the pictures just inside the door when you come into school.

Week 3

We have thoroughly enjoyed acting out the story of Sleeping Beauty and dressing up this week. We have retold the story together using picture cards. We will have a new story next week. Our letter sound this week has been c. Maybe you could look for some items beginning with c.

Week 4

Our story focus this week has been Peter Pan. The children have loved acting out the story, painting characters from the story, making playdough crocodiles, counting treasure, singing pirate songs and matching character pictures in a game. There is still lots to do next week too! 

In the learning room we have been learning about rhyming words. We read some stories and sang some songs, listening for the words that sounded the same. We also learned about the 'b' sound. Can you find things beginning with the 'b' sound?

In our maths on the mat sessions we have been counting and comparing quantities and saying when they are the same. If one child had 4 pieces of treasure and another child has 4 pieces of treasure they both have the same.

Week 5

We have continued our Peter Pan Story focus this week and the children have loved it. We have made treasure maps, pirate swords and eye patches! The children have loved acting out the story. We have coloured character pictures, writing of the story and even made crocodiles out of green playdough! 

We have continued our rhyming games, heard stories written in rhyme and added the 'g' sound to all the letters and sounds we already know.

This week we had a visitor from Stoke library, Janet Eardley, who came to read us some stories, she also told us about the library and all the children had a free book to take home donated by the Booktrust. 


In our Maths on the mat sessions we have been comparing two sets of objects and saying which one has more.

Week 6

This week we have heard more stories about Peter Pan. We hope you enjoyed playing with your sword and eye patch!

We have started to talk about Spring and we've made some beautiful spring flowers for a display and started to learn some songs about Spring.

In our Maths lessons we have been talking about numbers around us. Perhaps you could look for some and take photos or selfies and send them to us E.g. house numbers, car numbers, numbers in shops and on phones. We have also started to learn about repeating patterns.

Week 7