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Welcome to Year 1 !

Year 1 staff:

1R - Mrs Ratcliffe (Monday - Thursday), Mrs Chubb (Friday), Mrs Hill and Mrs Mayhew

1G - Miss Grantham, Mrs Tunnicliffe and Mrs Calvert

Water Bottles

   Please provide your child with a water bottle with their name on.    Thank you.

Fairtrade Art

In order for our school to achieve an award for being Fairtrade aware our Fairtrade team have asked all classes to take part in an art themed activity. We have discussed exactly what Fairtrade means and the children will be asking to substitute some cupboard staples such as coffee, tea, sugar and bananas and buy only Fairtrade approved products!

Our trip to Warwick Castle!

We all had a fantastic day when we visited Warwick Castle. We learnt to hold a sword in the Swords and Shields workshop. We watched the Trebuchet demonstration where a large boulder was catapulted through the air. After lunch, the children loved exploring inside the castle. We climbed a lot of stairs to reach the top of the tower and walked alongside the battlements. It was much easier to get down the steps! On the way home, we had some very sleepy children. A great day had by all.

Child of the Week!

Each week we will choose one child from each class to be our 'Child of the Week'. All week we will be looking for children have worked hard, tried their best and are following our Good to be Green Rules.

Reading Champions!

We expect the children to read at least 5 times a week at home and have their yellow reading diaries signed.

Each week we will be celebrating those children who have read at least 5 times during the week and we will report on both classes overall percentage of children who have read 5 or more times.

Let's see which class will have the most Reading Champions....!

Summer 2018 Events

Easter Egg Hunt...

As part of our Easter good to be green treat we had a great time hunting around the classroom and school for hidden Easter Eggs. I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as I did!

Knights and Castles

I hope you all had a super break! This half term our new Topic is Knights and Castles. Our focus story is The Knight and the Dragon. To kick start our topic we became investigators and put together pieces of a puzzle to predict what our new topic might be all about. In the story, the dragon practices his scary face so we thought we would share our faces with you!


Wow! What a sparkling Science SPARKLE day we had! We took part in 4 activities. We stepped into bubbles with Mrs Chubb, tested floating and sinking with Mrs Mckie and made coloured water travel with Mrs Griffin. As you can see below we made explosive volcanoes with Miss Grantham. We had a great day experimenting.

World Book Day

What a wonderful day we had celebrating World book day and fantastic costumes! Willy Wonka managed to get a day off from his busy factory and Wonder woman, Batman, Thor and Captain America all managed to take a break from fighting crime! Don't tell Little Red Riding Hood's Mum she made another detour though! Thank you for supporting it despite the snow.

This week...

Year One were SUPER shocked this morning when we discovered that our snowman had been destroyed and there were peas scattered everywhere... a poor carrot was trapped under a box! We then received CCTV footage of a Super Hero attack IN OUR OWN CLASSROOMS!! We acted as detectives to work out what might have happened and what caused the battle. We inferred that SUPER TATO had been trying to blow up evil PEA!


Times Table Rockstars!

Year one had great fun when Mr Burgess visited our classes to explain how to use times tables rockstars! We chose cool rockstar names! We have begun to learn our two times tables so can test ourselves in the 'garage' section. We want to earn lots of coins so that we can change our rockstar outfit! Children will be sent home with their login so you can rock out at home too! Have fun!

Science...Investigating Magnets

Year One had a great time investigating with magnets! We had lots of fun finding out about which materials the magnets were attracted to and had a competition to see who could get the most paper clips to form a chain on the magnet. It was very close but the champion was Tommy!

The Snowdome!!!! 16/01/18

Year one had a super COOL day at the South Pole (otherwise known as the Snow Dome). We loved playing in the snow and using the sledges. We especially loved zooming down the slope! We were all worn out by the end of the day and managed to have a nap on the bus.


Year One were shocked to find someone had left a suitcase in our classroom! We acted as inspectors to investigate the contents of the suitcase. We found an umbrella, a wooly hat, gloves and A PENGUIN! We discussed who's suitcase it might be and how it might relate to our new Topic (All around the world) and to our new class story (Lost and Found). We also went on a hunt around the room looking at different pictures from the story! A very busy start to the half term!

Creation Station

Year One's creation station club had lots of slimy fun this week! We created different marble patterns. We used foam and then swirled in our own patterns using paint before printing onto paper. We were really pleased with the results. Most importantly we worked as a team to make sure everywhere was nice and clean afterwards... Sorry that we got a little bit messy!

Spring 2018

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday at home.

This half term our new topic is called All Around the World.

In Geography the children will be learning about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. In History we will be learning about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott and comparing him to other famous explorers. In Design and Technology the children will be researching, designing, making and evaluating their own boats. Will they float or sink?

Our focus story will be Lost and Found by the author Oliver Jeffers.


y1 story

Last week of term...

Year One had a brilliant time making their Elf Christmas hats and after all that hard work at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas they were very excited to have a tasty Christmas dinner.

Back to Nature

Year 1 finished their 'Back To Nature' topic by researching, designing and then making bird feeders.  We loved putting our hands in the squashy mixture! Even if the cheese made them a little bit smelly to us. We then hung our bird feeders outside. We had great time watching all of the birds flock to our bird feeders. We discussed different bird names. We then evaluated our bird feeders.


The Little Red Hen

This week the children have written the story The Little Red Hen. We have read the story, acted it out and re-told the story in our own words.

red hen

Bee Bots

Mrs Ratcliffes class have loved learning about the BeeBots this week. They learnt how to program them and spent time with their friends programming them to move around the room.


Year 1 have been working really hard in English this week to make sentences that make sense and to then write these sentences. We are really pleased with how quickly they have settled down to the more structure routines of Year 1.

y1 sentences


We have also been producing some wonderful art this week in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. The children collected their own materialsand then created their own masterpieces. Their finished pieces were very effective and they loved creating them.

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