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Welcome to Year 6

Teachers: Mrs A Mikalauskas and Miss K Burgess Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Nutter and Mr D Thompson


We will have PE on Tuesday and Thursday this term.


THURSDAY - Time4Sport

Please ensure PE kits are in school on these days however kits should be in school Monday to Friday so children are always prepared for activities.


It is extremely important your children reads. They have all been given books and diaries to take home each night. If you could listen to your child read every night perhaps they could read while you make tea, sorting out younger siblings or before bed. If you sign their diaries daily after hearing them read, they can help the class as a whole achieve 100% in reading and we can earn new books for our classrooms!

Revision Tools

A really good resource here that has links to past maths papers, revision aids etc. Think it would be really useful as it splits the resources into individual topics. Please follow the link and have a go: https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/springcroft-primary-school/UploadedDocument/05e4b4a9fb0f4f37a5d946819425aaaf/ks2-ultimate-3-in-1-organiser-2017-maths-sats.pdf

Spring Term 2018

Now that Christmas is over Year 6 will be shifting its focus towards preparing for SATs. There will be two SATs parents meeting taking place on Wednesday January 31st at 3.30pm to 4pm and 6pm to 6.30pm. It is really important parents try to attend these meetings to help their chiildren at home as best they can.

This term in Literacy we will be looking at Sinbad the Sailor before moving onto The Houdini Box by Brian Selznick. Our class poem will be The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.

In Science we will be looking at Light before moving onto Evolution and Inheritance.

RAF Cosford 20/11/17

On 20th November we headed to RAF Cosford as part of our studies on World War 1. It was a fantastic day. We experienced two simulators and it felt like we were pilots in a Red Baron and a Red Arrow! We also learnt about a pilot named Kevin who was a pilot during WW1 we saw some of his things and learnt about ways to communicate. We saw lots of amazing planes and also tried on some clothes that pilots would have worn in that time. It was fantastic. RAF Cosford staff made a point of commending us on our excellent behaviour which made the teachers very proud so you should be too!!!

This week....20/10/17

This week has been a really busy week. We have been doing lots of assessments and also had visitors and been for a trip out to church. We've had Pop UK in for a few sessions, learning lots of new songs and funky dance moves and we are definitely giving it everything we've got. There is a concert next week so please check bags for letters giving information about this. It would be fantastic if you could come along!

Tuesday saw Mental Health awareness day for which we had to wear yellow. Mental health issues are not something we can necessarily see from looking at a person so it is important to remember some people are struggling.

As usual Mr Henderson has been discussing Healthy Lifestyles and we explored food labels this week. We looked at a variety of products and their fat and sugar contents to determine if they were good choices or bad. We all know what we should be looking for so next time yo go to the supermarket don't forget to test the childrens food label knowledge.

We've also been to church this week to watch a Communion service. Rev. Geoff delivered the service and we saw some members of the community taking part in a service speaking and receiving communion. Some children chose to receive blessings from Rev. Geoff as well.

A visitor this week was Alison from the Dogs Trust who visited Year 5 & Year 6 pupils to talk about how to stay safe around dogs. The talk was very informative and fun as well as allowing the children to learn a valuable lesson. Some even suggested that they may like a pooch of their own. Our apologies for this :-) 


Victoria Ground development

In year 6 we have been discussing the use of our science and maths skills in everyday life. As part of this we have visited the old victoria ground to talk to the site manager about the development. He has agreed that when the site is properly up and running after the initial clearing phase we will be able to take small groups of children over to further understand how our scientific and numeracy skills are applied to building and site development. The children will follow the project through so look out for more updates coming soon!

Pop Uk


This morning Pop Uk have been into school to teach the children some brand new songs and dance moves for our worship and to help us to SPARKLE through song. They will be learning the new songs over the next week and there will be a concert for children and parents to attend at Stoke Minster (letter to follow shortly).

Please follow the link for more information and a video of the teachers at Stoke Minster welcoming POp UK http://www.popuk.org/

Healthy Living

Mr Henderson has been coming to talk to us about Heaalthy Lifestyles. He has been going into classes and talking to us about diet and fitness. This week we discuss fats and sugars in foods and we were all surprised to learn how much is in some of the foods we snack on. Some of our snack food we buy from the shop have more than our whole daily allowance! Afterwards we went outsides and got our bodies moving which warmed us up in the cold!

Stanley Head 2017

25th-29th September - Stanley Head

What an amazing week Year 6 had at Stanley Head 2017. Year 6 did us proud: team-working, listening, encouraging and challenging themselves. Every child (and adults) completed the high-ropes! From nervousness and apprehension to independance and risk-taking - there were so manyso many changes that these fabulous young people underwent over a few days. Well done and thank you for a fabulous week.


Mrs M, Miss B and Mr T

P.S. You all truely SPARKLE'd

P.P.S Mrs N was unable to go Stanley Head as I had an operation on my finger which is now much better but i SPARKLE'd through it.

Author Focus

A new year and a new set of children into Year 6. This week we have been reading the Tupilak and will be making our own totem poles.

Wednesday 27/09/17

Today we spent most of the morning working with Mr Henderson on healthy living. In the classroom, we learnt about healthy eating. We discovered that all foods belong to a food group and that we need to eat foods from all food groups to have a balanced diet. However, we also learned that we need more food from certain food groups than others!

Afterwards we went outside to learn about how exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. We then had lots of fun playing different team games.

In the afternoon, we continued with our Picasso projects. First we looked at some of his paintings and investigated how he used colours to show mood. Then we had a go at mixing paints to create different shades of colours to use on our portraits.

We chose one colour to paint our portraits with depending on what mood we wanted to show.

Tuesday 26/09/17

Our day began with an amazing performance from Key Strings. Some of our Year 6’s were even invited up to join in with the performances and did a fantastic job!

We then went into the ICT suite to create PowerPoints about our chosen Spanish speaking country.

In the afternoon, we learnt about the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. We also had a go at drawing a partner’s portrait using correct proportions.

When we were happy with our portraits, we went around the outlines with charcoal because Picasso used bold lines. Tomorrow we will use colour to add mood to our portraits.

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