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Whole School Events

Some events are enjoyed by the whole school. On this page you can follow what we've been up to!

Good to be Green

Last week, those children who remained green all year last year, were taken to Cineworld in Hanley! We had a fantastic morning watching Captain Underpants and children were also treated to popcorn. Their behaviour was exemplary and we hope to take even more children on the end of year reward at the end of this year.


Pop UK

Over the last two weeks the wonderful people from Pop UK have been to visit. They have taught the children some fantastic new songs and some moves to go with them.

The whole school gets involved and all of the children (and staff) enjoy it! After getting together in the hall to practice, all years have now been recorded performing as well. The teachers have also been doing a little bit of recording too. 

On Wednesday 18th October there will be a performance at Stoke Minster Church. Tickets are available to buy from the office so please pop in if you wish to come along.

If you wish to see any videos of whats been going on please visit the Pop UK site at http://www.popuk.org/ the teacher videos are a must see!

Pictures will be following shortly!

Mental Health Awareness 10/10/17

Today, we all wore yellow and donated money in order to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health. The Mental Health Foundation believes that 10% of children and young people suffer with a mental health problem and that many suffer in silence. As a school, we endeavour to provide a nurturing, stable environment for all our young people, so that all children feel safe, secure and loved.

Throughout school, classes have been discussing the importance of emotional health and how important it is to look after our brains, as well as our bodies.

Spanish Day 29/09/17

Today we came in dressed in red or yellow (the colours of the Spanish flag) and spent the day celebrating all things Spanish! There was a real buzz throughout school and lots of exciting activities going on in the classrooms. Some classes made Spanish food, others looked at Spanish artists like Picasso and I am sure I even spotted some Year 6’s having a siesta after lunch! All classes also had the opportunity to learn some Spanish dancing with a visiting dance teacher and then performed altogether outside in the afternoon. It was wonderful to watch.

Below are some pictures of what our lovely Year 3 children got up to designing a paper plate to make into a Spanish fan and learning some Spanish flamenco dancing. Ole!

Key Strings 26/09/2017

Today we have been lucky enough to welcome Key Strings into our school and what a fantastic performance they gave! Key Strings is an entertaining and educational live music experience for children aged 3 to 11. It was formed over 20 years ago by experienced music teachers and continues to teach children important elements of the music curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Our children had the opportunity to listen to some amazing performances. They also got to learn about different string instruments and to even have a go at playing some of them. It was great to see our children so enthused and eager to participate. And they produced some incredible music!

Harvest 21/09/17

On Thursday 21st September, Stoke Minster celebrated our Harvest Festival. We were overwhelmed by the generosity our families: we had so much food, we could not display it all at the front of church and we know that it will be very much appreciated by our chosen charity – Open Door.

We would also like to thank the families who came to Stoke Minster to celebrate with us. We were extremely proud of our children, who led the service. All the children sang beautifully and some of our children from across Key Stage 1 and 2 also read with confidence or danced in front of the whole school. 


Today we have been celebrating Spanish Day in school with a SPARKLE day. We have had lots of fun activities.

Year 1: Miss Grantham has had some food tasting in her class with a variety of delicious foods for the children to try. Mrs Ratcliffe's room is the place to be to learn some Spanish inspired dance moves with Mrs Molloy.

Year 2: Mrs Engleman's room has been the hub for some art and wrotong inspired by 'Dia de los Muertos' inspired art.

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