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List of Local Academy Committee Members


Type of Member

Appointment Date

Mr C Barber, Chair of Governors LAC Member


Mr D Morgan, Vice-Chair LAC Member 01/11/2017
Rev B Durose LAC Member 01/11/2017
Rev A Wickens LAC Member 08/01/2020
Mr G Hutton LAC Member 01/11/2017
Mrs F Williams LAC Member 14/02/2020
Mrs U Shah Parent Member 27/03/2018
Vacancy Parent Member  
Mrs A McKie Staff (Teaching) 01/11/2017
Mrs L Willis, Head of School Ex Officio (Principle) 01/11/2017
Mrs S Wedgwood Trust Representative 01/11/2017

Any enquires for attention of the chair must be directed to him via the school address.

Governors who have held office in the last 12 months

Dr R Patel

Rev V Flanagan

Declaration of Pecuniary and Personal Interest

It is a requirement that a record is kept of Governors and any personal or business interests that are related to the Academy.

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