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Learner Attributes

Here at Stoke Minster, our learner attributes are at the heart of all we do.  We created the acronym SPARKLE as a way of remembering the learner attributes which are threaded throughout our daily lives.  It is not just important that we are working hard on the curriculum, we are also developing vital life skills. We want our pupils to apply strategies to become life-long learners, who can take responsibility for the development of their own learning.

Our learner attributes are: Self-Belief, Perseverance and resilience, Ambition, Risk-Taking, Knowledge, Let's communicate and collaborate, and Empathy. 


SPARKLE is Stoke Minster’s very own learner attribute system that was designed, created and tailored by us to meet the wider needs of our pupils. SPARKLE has been evolving constantly since its creation in 2015.

Have a look at the PowerPoint which tells the story of how SPARKLE came to be.



Learner attributes- these documents show the continuums for each learner attribute against which pupils self-assess their development.

Take a look behind the scenes of Minster Town 2017, an event held in June every year. Minster town is a chance for pupils to ‘work’ as well as to participate in a range of activities. Each class, along with their teachers and LSAs, organises an activity for the two day- long event. The theme of 2016 was risk-taking- the newsletter for parents which outlines the events is on the PPT above.

Minster Town was the brainchild of our Headteacher, Mrs Willis. The idea is that working within the town pupils acquire or improve their SPARKLE learner attributes. Communicating on various levels, having empathy towards others, taking risks and having ambition.

In 2016, we hired a climbing wall to introduce that risk-taking element.


Also the fabulous Dean Roots who introduced the pupils to many different creatures that they had never come across before.


In 2017 we invited along other guests to Minster Town.

The climbing wall again, a stardome and the amazing Jules Howard –the wild-life man



As well as Minster Town, we hold regular events that give the pupils opportunities to develop their learner attributes outside of the normal curriculum.

Christmas SPARKLE 2016, Science SPARKLE and Geography SPARKLE.


What do the children think of SPARKLE?

SPARKLE impacts upon the lives of every pupil at Stoke MInster. Here are some examples of pupil responses to the questions, 'What is SPARKLE and do you think that it has helped you to achieve over the past year?' 'What are your next SPARKLE targets?'

Year 6 Boy

The SPARKLE attributes help you to focus on believing in yourself, try your best in everything and never give up. Communication is the attribute that I have improved in the most. At Minster Town I had to talk to others and listen carefully. I had to make myself understood, especially by those with little English. My target this year is risk-taking because I need to challenge myself and take more risks. At Stanley Head, the instructors and my friends kept me going so I could be successful at taking risks-I know I can do it.


Year 6 Girl

SPARKLE represents what challenges you can do to make yourself better-like risk-taking. SPARKLE helps sometimes. It helps me because it makes me realise when I’ve taken a risk and it makes me feel like being braver. I have improved most at communication especially when I went to Stanley Head. Opportunities like time-pair-share give us a chance to communicate and so does our group work. If we got rid of it we would not know the good things that we have done and we would forget how to make people happy.


Year 6 Girl

SPARKLE is a way of me being able to use individual characteristics in my everyday life-like communication. I don’t really like to work with other people but now I get to know them and learn how to. Minster Town helped me to communicate with KS1. Now I am good at it-I got better. This is what I have improved at the most. It makes me feel more confident and accomplished. Since I am going to high school, I want to work on my self-belief this year.


Year 6 Boy

SPARKLE means that whenever I do something that I thought I couldn’t-I think to myself to not give up. Assemblies and teachers talking about it remind me. Risk-taking is what I have improved at most because I am afraid of heights and I panic. At Stanley Head, I saw how I achieved at bouldering and high ropes and that has given me confidence. My communication skills have also improved. I now talk to people that I’d never talked to before because of Minster Town and SPARKLE days. Now I always talk to them.


Year 4 Girl

SPARKLE helps me to try and be a better person. I have improved most in my knowledge because in y3 instead of sharing, I kept my knowledge to myself so that no-one copied my ideas. Now, I like to help others by sharing my knowledge. It helps me and them. I like to talk with them and this will help me at high-school. I am going to work on my self- belief and perseverance in the future so that I don’t give up easily.

Year 4 Girl

Communication is what I have improved at the most because from y3 we have helped the new children to learn English and new words. I thought of the letters of SPARKLE and it reminds me not to be shy and help others. As I grow up, I want to travel and talk to and help lots of people. I SPARKLED in the café at Minster Town because it helped me to respect others and not just think about myself. I would like to work on Ambition next. I want to get better at SPARKLE and be a writer, surgeon, nurse or a doctor.


Year 4 Boy

SPARKLE is really good and it helps us to learn. If you are going to give up, you can try again-that is self-belief. Empathy is good as well because you can think about putting yourself in other’s shoes. I think that I’ve got more self-belief and knowledge. Now I keep going and give things a go. I am trying to improve risk-taking because I don’t take risks but I climbed to the top of the climbing wall at Minster Town and I felt really happy.


Year 4 Girl

I think that SPARKLE helps us to be kind in different ways and helps us to teach other children how to behave and be gentle. I improved most in self-belief and knowledge because in PE, I couldn’t do a lot of gymnastics and couldn’t run very fast but then because of SPARKLE I didn’t give up and I kept practising. I want to keep improving my knowledge because I am not good at maths and I’m going to keep trying and listening to the teacher. I remember Science SPARKLE and how the raisins danced in the liquid, it was fun.


Year 3 Girl

SPARKLE helps me by knowing how to behave every day by taking care of my friends and my-self. I believed in myself when I went on the climbing wall at Minster Town.


Year 3 Girl

SPARKLE is something where you can help each other. It’s our SPARKLE curriculum. Empathy is when you go out of your way for another person. I did two things empathising. When my little sister fell over, I went back and saw if she was ok and waited for her. Another time, I waited with Isabel when she was sick because she felt lonely and had no friends. I have also persevered a lot. We were a team, massaging people at Minster Town. It was a tough job but when we got hot we didn’t stop. We had a drink when everyone went and we managed to tidy and clean up before the next class.

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