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Here you can read about all the fantastic SPARKLE events we have held and will be holding in the future!



Plans are afoot for a STEM SPARKLE, combining science, maths and technology in a longer 2 day event.

The minute that Minster Town 2017 had finished teachers were already planning 2018! Watch this space as it is going to be a big one! (A clue to the theme? Get practising your performing skills.)

This year also sees the learner attribute system expanding. Stickers are now available to be awarded to pupils who show development in a particular aspect. When the full set of S-P-A-R-K-L-E has been collected then pupils will be awarded a special 2017/18 edition wallet card. Exciting times ahead!

Christmas SPARKLE 2017

On December 1st the children got into their family groups to make Christmas decorations. From 'elfing' themself to christmas trees and loo roll xmas characters to angels the children created some fantastic and colourful decorations. The elves crept into school and decorated as well turning school into a festive fantastyland!

Minster Town 2017

2017’s focus was ‘Mind, body and Soul’. Have a look at the documents which show the activities that classes were running and an example of the preparation that went into the Y6 Fossil museum. By engaging the pupils in the organisation of the event, they take ownership of it. Posters are created, tickets, pupils are trained up, rooms are prepared and there is a general air of excitement. Pupils are then grouped into four colour family teams- by family, we mean Y1 through to Y6. Each family colour team will have a chance to work half a day in their own classroom and will then have a day and a half to visit other workshops/museums/events. It is lovely to see how the pupils work together as a family, filling in passport cards in case they get separated from their family, booking events with their Minster Money and ensuring that all family members have a successful Minster Town experience.

In 2017 we invited along other guests to Minster Town.

The climbing wall again, a stardome and the amazing Jules Howard –the wild-life man



As well as Minster Town, we hold regular events that give the pupils opportunities to develop their learner attributes outside of the normal curriculum.

Minster Town

Minster Town is the brainchild of our very own Mrs Willis. She came up with the concept and shared the idea with the rest of the staff who were dubious to start with. However, being such a fabulous team and truly harnessing our SPARKLE everybody worked super hard to make it happen. Children really enjoy this event and some children really shine and come into their own. Our first was held in 2015 and was a huge success as well as a learning curve. Since then we had Minster Town 2016 and 2017, we are already thinking about 2018!

Geography SPARKLE

Geography SPARKLE gave family groups the opportunity to ‘travel’ to other countries with their SPARKLE passports. Being such a wonderfully diverse school we decided it would be an excellent idea to celebrate our diversity and learn about where our friends and colleague come from. Miss Cullum and Miss Barber planned this event and it was hugely popular. We 'travelled' to Spain, Italy, China, Lithuania, Poland and Syria to name a few. 


For this event children were wowed by Science. They experienced many different experiments and learnt about how fascinating Science really is.

Christmas SPARKLE 2016

Christmas SPARKLE 2016 saw the family groups engaged in Christmas arts and crafts workshops. Each individual classroom adopted a craft activity and family groups attended three different classrooms each to create christmas decorations. Much to the surprise of the children the elves snuck into school and hung their wonderful decorations eveywhere!

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