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Spread the Happiness Award

Welcome to Foundation Stages' spread the happiness page!

Week 1


Day 1 - Learn the song one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater.

The nursery children had lots of fun learning the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater song and dance!

They even made some purple people eaters out of playdough!

Day 2 - Pretend the Purple People Eater has left a surprise

Today was another fun day in nursery.The purple people eater left us a surprise! We had lots of fun dancing and singing with our surprise! At the end of the day we spreaded the happiness and invited our parents to see what we we had been doing! They loved it and even started to join in! 












In Reception we also has lots of fun learning the One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater song and dance!

Then the flying purple people eater left us all a surprise. As our story this week has been 'The Day the Crayons Quit', the purple people eater left us all our own packet of crayons. We has lots of fun creating our own crayon family!


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Day 3- Dough Disco

Let's go to the dough disco! 

The children went to the dough disco for the first time today! They loved squeezing and dancing with their dough! 




Day 4 - Squiggle and Wiggle

Let's get squiggling! 

The nursery children loved to squiggle and wiggle! Look at our masterpiece! 


Day 5 - Have a big roll of paper.

The nursery children loved mark making on big pieces of paper! 

In Reception we also enjoyed mark making at the end of our squiggle while you wiggle session. We are getting really good!


Week 2


Day 1 - Choose a fairy tale of the week to create outdoors

We chose to focus on the 'Twist my Tale' story The Brilliant Beast. The children loved hearing all about the things the brilliant beast was good at and thought about what they were good at.
We linked all of our activities inside the classroom and outside the classroom to the story.

We had lots of lemon activities too to cheer up the lemon lickers; lemon rolling, weighing lemons, lemon playdough, lemon painting and much more!

The children in nursery learnt the nursery rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider.'



Day 2 - Dancing in the rain or under a hose pipe

As we haven't had too much rain this week we decided to have a dance while we washed some cars. This was SO much fun and the cars were sparkling by the end of the day.

As dancing in the rain was SO much fun we decided to have some more fun with watering cans, umberellas and puddles! 


Day 3 - Make Marvellous Mud

We had loads of fun exploring the mud. We linked all of our activities to mud too!

Mud slide, chocolate mud, muddy foot prints, muddy tracks, mud painting.



Day 4 - Autumn Nature Walk

We went on a walk around our school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. We spotted red, yellow, brown and orange leaves; berrie and sycamore seeds. We even crunched through leaves on the ground.


Day 5- Role play your fairy story of the week

As our story focus has been The Brilliant Beast we have had lots of fun learning the song. We especially loved shouting "I am happy yes I am" to the lemon lickers at the end of the song.


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Week 3

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Day 1 - Start a collection of Spread the Happiness shoeboxes.

Reception collected shoeboxes full of food to take to our local food bank.


Day 2 - Start a dance alarm

What a super day we had today! Every half an hour we danced along to 'Let it go!'



Day 3- Bake a cake and share it

In Reception we baked delicious lemon cakes to cheer up the lemon lickers.

We really enjoyed eating them with a drink of lemonade.


Day 4 - Write thank you notes to people who help you


Day 5 -Sing songs to the parents as a surprise

We invited our parents in to join our Rhyme time. We sang some of our favourite nursery rhymes including: Hickory, Dicorky, Dock; The Wheels on the Bus; Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and many more.

Week 4


Day 1 - Learn a counting forward song


Day 2 - Add a digit dance


Day 3 - Look at the number 1,000,000


Day 4 - Learn big fish, little fish


Day 5 - Learn some Pirate George number songs

Week 5


Day 1 - Smash ice with a stick


Day 2 - Visit old people and sing them a song


Day 3 - Run so fast you think you can fly


Day 4 - Put on a cape and pretend you are a superhero


Day 5 - Eat jelly or cake and ice cream with a gigantic spoon

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