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Welcome to Year 6!

Teachers: Mrs Mikalauskas & Miss Burgess

Teaching Assistant: Ms Nutter & Mrs Austin

Recent Leaflet

Year 6 testing and transition to high school, as well as puberty, can be a very stressful time for children.  The ‘top tips’ in this booklet may be helpful in providing information and support during this time of change.

When Gareth Snell came to visit...

On Friday 19th October, Gareth Snell MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central came to visit. We talked to him about local democracy and how people have the power to change things where they live. We told him all about our Mayoral Elections for Minster Town and our school democratic practices.

He answered lots of our questions and listened to our ideas for a brighter Stoke. We all have the power for positive change.

Thank you Mr Snell

September 2018

Welcome Back!

We have lots to do in Year 6! From Stanley Head to SATS! Despite having lots to do this year we will make it as enjoyable and exciting as we can. We have alot to cram in and lots of fun ways of doing so.

If you have any question please feel free to ask the teachers.


We are currently reading Phillip Pullman's 'Clockwork' and linking this topic throughout our literacy and even our Science! The children are really enjoying this so far!


Stanley Head which will be 5th-9th November. This is a HUGE trip in Year 6 and is an amazing experience for the children. It is a good opportunity for them to gain some independance before they leave for High School and we strongly recommend if you have not already signed up to go to, please come to the school office ASAP to ensure your child does not miss this fantastic opportunity. 

We also have a trip to RAF Cosford on 23rd October.


We have had an amazing afternoon exploring the heart in Science! We were fortunate enough to have some Pig's hearts that the children watched being dssected in order to learn about the function of the heart. This interactive experience gave children and insight into what a real heart looks like. Children, who wanted to, were allowed to touch the heart (wearing appropriate safety protection), they were amazed at how it was able to perform the functions they have been learning about in class. They were very excited and have thoroughly enjoyed the expereince!


In Science we are exploring the Heart and Circulatory system. We have started by looking at blood and making our own. We have all the components combined!


We have been investigating sentence structure and punctuation. The children have been utilising semi-colons in the correct places.

  • What day is PE?

    This half term PE will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your children have their kit in school on these days and that earrings are removed. If they cannot be removed by your child they will not be permitted to take part.

  • What day is homework due?

    Homework is sent home on Fridays and is expected back in school on the following Wednesday. Please ensure your child is reading at least five times a week and practicing their spellings. All homework is given to help children develop their skills at home and your help with this is invaluable.

Stanley Head

We had a fantastic time at Stanley Head! The children were amazing! They utilised all of their SPARKLE attributes. We had Self-Belief in hitting the target in axe-throwing, Perseverance and Resilience for Crate Stacking, Ambition to aim for the John Muir award, Risk-Taking which came in very handy on the high ropes, Knowledge to learn how to take care of themselves away from home, Let's Communicate which got used in all our team-building activities and Empathy to be understanding that for some these challenges are difficult but if everybody works together everything will work out well! We as a school are very proud of all the children who went and I think the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves even if they may have been a little tired when they came home,

Miss Burgess' Wedding

As you are aware Miss Burgess is getting married and we had a little celebration on the last day of term to celebrate. The children all looked fantastic in their smart clothes and we enjoyed cake and discussed the tradition of weddings and marriage. We all wish Miss Burgess and her future husband all of the happiness in the world for her marriage!

RAF Cosford

On 23rd October we visited RAF Cosford as part of our unit on Worle War I. We enjoyed two 4D flight simulators which the children loved! As well as experiencing Fun n Flight whereby children can see the science behind flight and the advances we have made in science and aviation. The children also toured the hangars to see all the planes and a few other vehicles that have been or are still used by the RAF. We also attended a workshop on "Life above the Trenches' where the children saw how early pilots communicated, the clothes they wore and saw some artefacts from the war. They also saw some of the very early planes and tried to navigate a map. The staff of RAF Cosford compliment the school on how well behaved and well presented the children were. They made us very proud!

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